4 Travelers to Follow on Instagram


What’s almost as exciting as taking a vacation? Browsing through thousands of unique photos captured by travelers around the world during their vacations! There are so many travel related accounts on Instagram. I follow too many to count. They are without a doubt my favorite accounts to stalk scroll through early in the morning before hopping out of bed. It’s […]

4 Labor Day Weekend Getaways

labor day

Are you looking for a last-minute vacation destination for the upcoming Labor Day holiday? Are you considering staying close to home or taking a road trip because you think that flights will be extremely expensive so close to the date? Well guess what? I have some unearthed several flights under $300 from Dallas (DFW) to destinations from the […]

Thrifted Summer Style

summer style

Summer 2016 is officially here! Is it me or is this year stuck in overdrive? I feel like I was just chilling in my flannel pjs telling y’all “Happy New Year” last month. Anyway, what are you guys planning to do this summer? I don’t know about you but I am in desperate need of a vacation […]

Modern Day Flower Child


This month, the Thrift It Clique was challenged to create an outfit based on a floral theme. To be honest, I don’t usually wear a lot of floral printed items. I’ve always been more of an edgy abstract and geometric print type girl.  I thought I would have to go searching for an item at […]

Solo Travel in New Orleans

solo travel

Travel is my passion. One of the many perks about being married to a project manager that travels often for work is inviting myself to tag along on a business trip. Hubs gets to travel on the company’s dime and I get free hotel accommodations. When I learned that the he had to go to New Orleans for a […]